Let your student's hard work pay off.
EdSolio lets them showcase their entire education in one place.

EdSolio allows your students to capture years of academic work, personal growth and educational leadership in a way your students can email to a potential employer and keep expanding as their experiance grows.

Our Vision

EdSolio was created out of a need for an easy-to-use education portfolio system. Based out of the midwest, EdSolio's small development team has a strong focus on writing agile, scalable code and went to work building a system that would provide a comprehensive portfolio to students by utilizing a business model that allows students to continually evolve their portfolio long after graduation, we aim to provide a lifelong service.


EdSolio offers extremely competitive pricing to meet the needs of institutions large and small. Based on price per new activation and starting at $95 per student, we make it easy to price our service for your entire institution. Our activation system allows you to purchase activations ad-hoc and activate students at any time, ensuring you're never waiting to activate a student, or lose money on yearly activations that don't get used.

Once you purchase activations, simply add students and then activate the ones you want. No worrying about getting an upload file just right, or someone accidentally adding the wrong students, you haven't spent a dime until you confirm and activate the student. Once activated, students have access to update their portfolio for 7 years, at which point they can opt to extend their account to a lifetime subscription.